Briana Gagné

Briana Gagné is an outspoken (inconsistent) blogger, (hopefully) future bestselling author, (self-proclaimed) life coach, suburban hippie, spreader of positivity and activist for kindness. She loves hearing human stories, calling people "Darlin', is easily excitable, and hates the word "should". She was raised in Antioch, CA, but prefers to say “Bay Area” so people assume she grew up frolicking around San Francisco in a sundress. She moved to southern California for 5 years of colege, graduated from San Diego State University, and gypsied around numerous cities on opposite coasts before settling back down 30 minutes outside her hometown in 2013. The same year she met and soon fell in love with a bearded fellow who swept her off her feet, proposing to her in 2015, and together they moved to the Pacific Northwest where they live with their furbaby and two tiny humans.

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